How to create a free Yahoo Mail account – Yahoo Mail sign up

Yahoo Mail is something that is very familiar to many users today. Although some of Yahoo’s prominent features such as Yahoo Chat, Yahoo Video, etc. are no longer common, but if you use your Yahoo Mail account, it can help you a lot. Business, negotiation, communication with customers via email.

Yahoo Mail is also available in multiple units, allowing for integration into the system, making it easier for users to access, sign in, and use email services under their own domain name.

Yahoo Mail is free and includes many useful features that are compatible with many operating systems and devices. In addition, the service is constantly updated and added new features to serve users.

If you need to create a Yahoo! Mail account to experience these features, you can follow our instructions in the next section.

How to create a free Yahoo Mail account

The simplest way to sign up for a Yahoo Mail account

Step 1: You need to visit Yahoo Mail homepage via

Step 2: Declare the necessary information to initialize the account.

  • Name (required): Enter your first and last name
  • Yahoo username (required): This is the name you use to access Yahoo’s email system. You may not use registered Yahoo Mail names. If you enter any name, the system does not check that your name is identical, Yahoo will also suggest that you set other names similar to the name you need.
  • Password (required): Yahoo! password Mail must contain 8 characters or more and must contain at least 1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase letter, and 1 numerical character.
  • Mobile Number (required): You can retrieve your Yahoo Mail password if you forget or lose it via your mobile phone number. In addition, the security of your account is also guaranteed if you set up phone number authentication.
  • Date of birth: Enter your date of birth and gender.
  • Optional phone number (optional): Relative phone number will help you recover your password when you forget or lose it.
  • Relationship: Declare your relationship with the owner of the recovery number.

Once you have entered the information above, click “Create account“.

Step 3: Validate the creation of the new account

At this point, a window will appear, enter the code shown in the box in the Enter the code box (if the code is difficult to see so you can click on Try a new code to change the code). Then, click Submit Code.

Verification window appears, enter the code shown in the box in the Enter the code box (if the code is difficult to see so you can click on Try a new code to change the code). Then, click Submit Code.

Step 4: Use your Yahoo Mail account

Once you have authenticated your account, you will be able to access Yahoo mailboxes and use the functions of this system.

With a Yahoo! account In addition to sending and receiving e-mail, you can also store and share photos with Flickr, watch & share videos on Yahoo! Mail. screen, join questions and answer questions on Yahoo! Q & A

When you want to open your Gmail mailbox, go to and enter your Yahoo! ID. and the registered password and click the Login button.

Advantages of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail allows you to integrate email, instant messaging, social networking and messaging over the phone. This integration allows you to exchange information, communicate more quickly.

The new user interface of Yahoo Mail has been improved and easier to use, especially on desktop versions. This is what Yahoo Mail previously used to many users complain or underestimate

Yahoo Mail has capacity of up to 1 Tera bytes, equivalent to 1024 Gigabytes. You can say that with this storage, you do not worry about the memory is full.