Yahoo! Mail inbox

Yahoo mail box is quite simple at first. But you have many very interesting and useful tools, as well as quite a lot of customizations.

When you open Yahoo Mail, you have direct access to your received mail list.

In the left sidebar, you have access to the following:

  • Inbox: for all messages you receive.
  • Draft: These are the messages you have saved as drafts, which is a nice feature that can be used to archive messages for editing and posting later.
  • Sent: These are the messages you have sent.
  • Archive: contains all the messages you’ve archived, and we’ll see how to do it.
  • Spam: All unsolicited messages that have been sent to you are automatically filtered by Yahoo and are classified as spam. However, be careful, sometimes you get quite genuine messages but are classified as spam. It would be nice to have a look over time, especially when you wait for a message. But be careful not to open their messages and attachments if you do not know the sender.
  • Smart view: This is a list of smart and automated alerts made by Yahoo, for example, your posts from LinkedIn are automatically categorized under the category “Social.”
  • The “Folder” feature allows you to create your own folders, organize your messages and automatically, according to certain words you define, to classify received messages in these folders. We’ll see how to do it further.

At the top of this bar, you have access to other tools, such as your contacts, calendar, access to Messenger, and notes.

Take a look now, how to set up your inbox to enjoy the fun and automation features of certain tasks.

At the top right, you see a button like this that lets you access the drop-down menu. Then select “Install”.

A window opens and gives you the following settings:

  • Show mail
  • When displaying the message list: Activate discussion allows you, if selected, to group your conversations with recipients.
  • Mandate: Allows you to choose if you want the tabs to go directly to the items, so you can do multiple things at once, just by moving from tab to tab, just like you do. with your internet browser. Other options allow you to show at the bottom of the sidebar a “Recent” item you recent activities.
  • Preview panel: Allows you to choose whether you want the message preview panel to the right or the bottom of your message list, useful if you do not want to leave the list and want to move from one message to the next. Other messages. another quick way.
  • Mark as read: to select the time interval in which, after opening a message, the message is marked as read.
  • Desktop Notification – to enable or disable notifications directly on your screen, such as the original notification of your operating system, even if your browser is minimized in the taskbar.
  • Write email
  • If you send a message, if you want to automatically add the address of the recipient to your contact list. And if you want to automatically generate previews of links (images, web pages, videos, etc.).
  • Fonts, select here fonts and related parameters, while writing a message.
  • Default Sending Account: If you have linked a different email address to your Yahoo account (we will see below), you can select your email address to send a message to here.
  • Account
  • Here you can associate another email address with your Yahoo account, for example to use it as the default sending address. Click the “Add another mailbox” button and follow the instructions.
  • Message is absent
  • Automatic Replies: You can, using this option, select the amount of time that you will be absent, automatically replying to received emails, thanks to the text you enter in the area intended for this purpose. .
  • Filter
  • You can add filters, by keyword or email address, which will automatically categorize the messages in the folder. Click the “Add” button and fill in the fields you need to filter the mail; You have several options: the object, the address, the keyword in the body of the message, and so on.
  • Security
  • This tab gives you very interesting settings:
    • View e-mail messages: To automatically block the embedded image view in the messages you receive, select the option that best fits your needs.
    • Automatically delete spam emails after a certain time period that you are required to provide. It’s fun to do, if necessary, filtering your spam list more easily.
    • Single-use address: Allows you to create more addresses directly from your Yahoo email address. Click “Add” and follow the instructions. It is a very powerful tool to keep your real e-mail address from being known all the places where it is used; Now you can provide these disposable addresses and delete them at will.
  • Address is forbidden
  • Provide here the addresses you want to ban from your inbox.

Remember, once you’ve completed the installation, click the “Save” button to validate all your changes.